US new president JOE Biden

JOE BIDEN won the US election and he will be the next president of USA.

Joe Biden got 284 votes in the US election.

The required number of seats to win the election was 270.

Joe Biden was against Donald trump in the election.

Donald trump lost the elections.He lost in Pennsylvania.

This was the first time that the Republican Party lost in Pennsylvania in its history.

There were many chances of Donald’s winning but unfortunately he lost because no one was in his favor.

Donald trump was unable to control the Corona Virus in his country.

USA is at first position with the most cases of COVID -19 whereas India at second.

The Black lives matter campaigns started during his rule only.

Donald trump was like Modi of America. Just like Narendra modi , Donald trump also just only used to speak and do nothing.

Misusing power was a very common factor.

All these were the reason behind Donald Trump’s loose and the winning of Joe Biden.

People of America were not satisfied by Donald trump.

So the upcoming President of USA will be Biden.

After Biden won the US election 2020 in USA,Americans are very happy. They are showing their happiness freely.

Kamala Harris will be the vice president of the USA. You would love to know that Kamala Harris will be the first lady vice-president of the USA.

Kamala Harris’ grandparents are from India.

Donald Trump had announced that if he will lose the election he will quit politics. Let’s see what he is going to do now.

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