Quick Veg Pulao recipe in pressure cooker without Onion and garlic Navratri special

Veg pulao without garlic and onion
Veg Pulao

First of all Happy Durga Puja To all of you.

Well everybody knows that Durga Puja is One of the biggest festivals celebrated all over India by the Hindu. They worship Goddess Durga from the depth of their heart. Many of them fast during the Puja. Many fast without any food and only on water while many of them eats only fruits.

But what happens to the rest of the people or the family members. Well, there is no chance of simply ordering Chicken Biryani from Zomato because it is the ritual that nobody can eat Non-vegetarian food in the house or anywhere.

But you don’t need to worry much. Let us cook some quick Veg Pulao without wasting time, because we know that you are always hungry like us.

So let’s get started , let’s prepare our veg pulao.

Ingredients for veg Pulao :

  1. Basmati rice 1.5 cup
  2. Soy chunks 1 cup (raw)
  3. Oil 1 tbsp
  4. Whole spices:
  • Jeera 1 tsp
  • Black cardamom 1 nos.
  • Green cardamom 3-4 nos.
  • Cinnamon stick 1 inch
  • Black peppercorn 8-10 nos.
  • Cloves 3-4 nos.
  • Bay leaf 1 no.
  • Asafoetida (hing) tsp
  • Green chillies 1-2 nos. (slit)
  • Tomatoes 2 medium size (chopped)

5. Powdered spices:-

  • Turmeric powder 1/4th tsp
  • Red chilli powder 1 tbsp 3. Coriander powder 2 tbsp

6. Veggies:

  • Gobhi (cauliflower) ½ cup (florets) 2. Carrot ½ cup (diced)
  • French beans 1/4th cup
  • Raw Potatoes 2 medium size

7. Soya chunks 1 cup (cooked)

· Salt to taste

• Water 3 cup

• Garam masala 1 tsp • Lemon wedges 1 tbsp

• Fresh coriander 1 tbsp (chopped)

• Garnish: (optional)

  1. Cucumber
  2. Pomegranate seeds
  3. Almond slivers

Steps to Cook Veg Pulao :-

• Start with rinsing the raw rice thoroughly with fresh water and clean until the water is clear, keep aside to be used later.

• Set water for boiling in a stockpot, add the soya chunks and salt a pinch, boil it for 2-3 minutes, remove and rinse thoroughly with fresh water, squeeze to remove excess water, keep aside to be used later.

• Set a cooker on low flame, add oil, whole spices and sauté for a minute or until the spices are aromatic.

• Add asafoetida and green chilies, sauté it for a minute, further add tomatoes and sauté until the tomatoes are mushy.

. Further keeping the flame on low heat add the powdered spices and cook for a minute.

• Now add the veggies, cooked soya . chunks, salt to taste and water, mix well and bring to a simmer.

• Add washed rice, garam masala, lemon juice, coriander leaves, mix gently. The proportion of rice to water is 1:2, if your making in larger quantities, just add the double quantity of water to rice.

• Further, pressure cook on medium low flame for 1 whistle, switch off the flame to let the cooker depressurize naturally, lift the whistle to check pressure if any, open the lid and your cooker pulao is ready.

• Garnish it with some cucumber, pomegranate seeds and some almond slivers, serve hot with your favourite raita, you can avoid the addition of cucumber, pomegranate seeds and almond slivers, if you don’t like, but it’s a great addition.

We also present you the video of the recipe :-

Veg Pulao recipe video

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