Pegasus Spyware- a threat to India, all reports, news

Pegasus has become a very hot topic in India as many main leaders(mainly the opposition party leaders), many journalists male and female both, and many other peoples have been spayed using this software.

How does Pegasus enters in phone?

with just a single text sometimes on this call pegasus can bypass your phone security and install a spy.

A spy that will have complete access to your device every message you have sent or received every photograph, every video, every email on your phone now in someone else’s control and it’s not just pictures stored on your phone but once inside your phone with complete access.

It can hear you, it can track you in real-time. All this control is in the hands of somebody sitting far away across the globe at times. The hacker can then communicate with the pegasus spyware by the remote command center and issue directions for what information it needs from your phone server device that it has infected. This is what makes pegasus the most invasive form of surveillance possible.


What exactly does Pegasus do and how it does that?

Let’s try and explain that to you in a very simple way.

It is done in basically three highly sophisticated steps:-

Number one

For any spyware to infect a device it needs an entry point. Now gone are the days when you would be stirring care of suspicious emails or links.

But now with a simple missed call, sometimes times an i-message, an SMS WhatsApp, any vulnerable app and these are apps remember notches that have you accept.

There could be something inbuilt as well all of these roots are what pegasus uses with you not getting a hint of it to actually infect.

Your device once targeted your phone is then technically called infected with pegasus and then the tracking begins.

Tracking which will have complete access and by complete, I mean stuff like this it’ll have access to:-

  • your SMS
  • to your emails
  • to your whatsapp chat
  • to your photo gallery
  • video gallery
  • it can activate your microphone
  • hear you all the time
  • activate your camera see you
  • record calls
  • gps data track your live location
  • track browser history as well.

Now imagine all this information in the hands of the wrong people who could track trace you down and have complete hold of your personal information.

So this is how it works.

But what makes pegasus the most desired spy in the world.

Why pegasus is so desired?

Let’s look at the top five reasons why pegasus is so desired:- Number one is because it works on this tech called zero-click technology, the most unique feature of pegasus which makes it so wanted so powerful is that the zero-click attack helps the spyware like pegasus gain control over a device without human interaction or human error. so sample this earlier you had to acquire the phone physically attach a bug and then you could hack into all the details have complete access then came phishing tricks where you had to click on a link on your phone and that is how it would penetrate your device and now zero click all awareness we have shared with you in the earlier episodes of fire as well where we told you how to avoid these phishing attacks how to keep away from clicking on these suspicious links all of that with pegasus is now pointless because zero click tech means a missed call and sms a simple whatsapp forward is enough to plant the spy reason number two is that perhaps what makes pegasus so dangerous is that it is almost impossible to detect it is designed to gain access to your device without your knowledge and it is constantly working in the background reading listening watching all your activities but you will never know so far the only way of knowing if your phone has been targeted is by sending your phone for a digital forensics or a security lab analysis in fact the guardian which is part of the consortium reporting the possible list of these targets quoted the man who actually runs the amnesty international’s berlin-based security lab as saying that once a phone was infiltrated pegasus had more control over it than the owner himself number three pegasus is not just impossible to detect but it also self destructs all together it will destruct itself if it can’t communicate when with the hackers control center for over 60 days or if it detects that it has installed it’s been installed on the wrong device or the wrong sim card it can simply deconstruct themselves number four is access to your entire phone and your entire life with it now end-to-end encrypted apps don’t stand the chance as pegasus attacks itself to what is called the kernel of the device which to give you sort of a analogy there is sort of the heart of the operating system once that is infected the entire system is compromised and number five why pegasus has been called as the ultimate spyware is that ios android or any other operating system pegasus can infect it all companies like apple google which market themselves on being the most secured networks can be breached by pegasus operating systems that keep fixing bugs they have constant updates for you to ensure that their security wall is more difficult to breach but pegasus is reported at this point to have infected the latest versions of these operating systems as well making it the most sophisticated attack ever seen.

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