How to change instagram icon on android?

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So everybody is excited to change their instagram Icon,but before that we would like to ask you that we would like to ask you that Do you know that why instagram is giving us the facility to change the instagram icon ? Ok let’s find out the reason now.

Why instagram is giving facility of changing instagram icon ?

So the answer is very simple, it is due to its birthday/birth anniversary . Yes instagram is giving the facility to change the instagram logo or instagram icon on android or ios device because instagram is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year. Instagram was  launched for the very first time on App Stores on October 6th, 2010, prior to which it was only available for iPhone 4.

Now lets come to the point . How to change Instagram icon on android and ios devices ?

Steps to Change Instagram Icon :-

  1. First of all Unlock your mobile phone , well that was a lame joke.
  2. Update your Instagram App.
  3. Open your Instagram app.
  4. Login to your Instagram accont on the instagram app.
  5. Now click on your profile which you already know is at downside on your right hand side.
  6. Now when you have opened the profile Section, Click on the three lines on the right hand corner side.
  7. After clicking that you will be able to see :-
    1. Archive
    2. Your Activity
    3. QR code
    4. Saved
    5. Close Friends
    6. +Discover People
    7. And at last Settings
  8. Now click on Settings.
  9. After the settings page opens , just hold the page and drag it down till you are able to see emojis.
  10. And there you are on the on the Instagram icon pages .
  11. You will see variety of icons , just select your favourite Instagram icon and smile.

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