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Schemes by Government of india

Free vehicles fund its all fake the Government of India and respective State Government have come up with numerous schemes and programmes to help the people of our country. They work in diverse fileds, agriculture, women empowerment ,financial inclusion, MSME sector, health ,education and so on and so forth the objective of the government is to reduce inequality in the society and bridge the gap between the rich and the poor remember they are genuine schemes introduced by the government of India as well as respective Governments .But there are set of schemes that are not genuine in nature ,they are fake, was told by thefrauds to make quick money, cheat people and disappear .These are called as the fake schemes introduced by the frauds in India.

Let’s take some of the examples , we have the free laptop scheme , Pradhan Mantri scooty yojana, Pradhan Mantri kisan tractor yojana ,Pradhan mantri solar panel yojana ,PM kanya ashirwad yojana all these are examples of schemes initiated by the Frauds.

Kindly remember these are not the programs ,these are not the schemes introduced by the government of India act or the respective state government ,but they are non existent schemes and what we have to realize is that such schemes and Frauds have increased during the COVID-19 crisis .

How do Frauds work or run fake schemes?

What is the modus operandi ? Most of this Frauds basically only work for the monetary benefit by cheating some of the people . So what do they do they employ some of the cheating tactics. What are these tactics ?They send people a message or a general message where people actually got this message get loot by these frauds. So what exactly happenes, they send a personal SMS, they can also send an email as well .

So what is the objective of their message? The objective is to make some quick money from this particular person by cheating them. So they send this particular message , they say that the government has initiated Such and such scheme and in case they want to be a participant in this particular scheme where they can derive maximum benefit from it , they have to pay a certain processing charge .

So the minute you pay the processing charge you become the part of that particular scheme and you will be able to enjoy the benefits derived from the scheme . So what happened here, they ask for the processing fee and when the processing fee is given , they immediately vanished from that particular place .

So what happened you have these people were loot with the frauds, the minute they get the processing fee, they are no more, in the personal contact or the e-mail or in person is well.

That is how they are able to make some quick money and cheat the people as well.

We have another example of Gram Vikas Rojgar yojana of which happens to be one more fake employment scheme as well , where messages were directly delivered to the how do they workof states in India . It has the states like Telangana ,Punjab , Meghalaya, and some other states.

So what exactly happened , they send messages to The sarpanch of that particular village . They ask that in case their are youth in your village they have to register for the employment scheme. For registering to this employment scheme, they have to pay some expenses and one step with his expenses. The Government of India will contact them for a particular Job role . So the minute the youth are inquired ,the minute the youth are actually paying this particular money which is an expense as part of the government scheme ,the minute the money is received again they vanish from that particular place.

That is the kind of issue that we are facing with respect to the fake schemes.

Why do people fall for such fake schemes?

People fall for such fake schemes that is because of the innocence . Let’s say for example ,there is a person from the rural areas or they might poor person was not aware in the urban areas so this type of people are looking for job opportunities. So they might visit a social media website , it can be on the facebook it can be on YouTube it can be on Instagram or it can be on Twitter as well. So the minute they are looking for jobs ,there are pages on facebook which actually loot the people and just because they have limited idea about the fake schemes and programmes and their Innocence is exploited by this projects and ultimately they paid the processing fee and they are the ones who suffered because of this fake scheme.

Then we have the names which are very similar to the scheme , for example , Pradhan mantri Jan arogya yojana or for example any of the MSME schemes so what you’ll actually see is that the names of this particular website will be very similar to that of the Government website as well.

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